Tax Advice

Tax Compliance

During preparation of the various required tax returns for individuals and companies, we go above and beyond merely assisting our clients in fulfilling legal obligations. Our job is done only once the taxation procedure is finally closed. This is especially true for those cases, in which we can take advantage of new developments in fiscal law for the benefit of our clients.

Tax Audits and Appeals Proceedings

We offer professional assistance even if preliminary damage has already been done. In such cases, you can rely on our substantial experience with tax and social security audits. Besides our professional expertise, we use a high measure of sensitivity in order to look after our clients' interests. This also applies for all court and out-of-court appeals proceedings.

Tax Planning

Often, tax consultants limit their efforts to deal with facts and situations that are already in place. Usually, this leaves little room for creative solutions. Consulting that is merely oriented towards the past frequently turns fiscal implications into a matter of chance. However, in view of the currently high tax burden and the complex tax law system, it is necessary to plan actions with regard to their future tax impact. Such a tax planning at an early stage will enable us to optimize our clients' standing. Consequently, foresighted tax planning is an important component of our tax consulting strategy. By maintaining a constant information flow to our clients during the early phase of decision-finding, we are in the position to participate pro-actively in decision processes.

Advice on International Tax Issues

Increasing globalization of business and industry requires a contact person who is an expert on international tax-related issues. Together with our foreign partners, we offer comprehensive tax and legal advice that is designed to meet our clients' needs especially as to cross-border direct investments, services and supplies as well as expatriates.

Consumption and Transaction Taxes

The importance of consumption and transaction taxes (e.g. VAT, real estate transfer tax) in relation to all other taxes has been growing significantly during the past few years. Often, formal mistakes cause a double taxation of one and the same transaction. We reliably inform our clients about possible risks and how to avoid them. Besides, we regularly update our clients on changes of tax law concerning this tax group.


  • optimizing your overall tax and social security position
  • preparing your German income tax return
  • reducing your current wage taxes
  • applying child benefits
  • defending your legal rights from employment

Ask for a free EGSZ expatriate tax scan now. All you have to do is to fill in a short questionnaire, which tells us the most relevant information about your family situation, income and possible tax deductions. With the EGSZ expatriate tax scan we can make an accurate estimation of the tax refunds.

Furthermore, we can make you a tailor made offer so you can decide if you would like to hire our services.

Especially expatriates frequently use our service packages at fixed rates:

  • Expat Tax Single Service
    (preparation of tax return and verification of tax assessment)
  • Expat Tax All inclusive
    (preparation of tax return and verification of tax assessment including necessary communication/protests with the tax office to protect your tax position for one tax year; except tax court proceedings)

Please request the EGSZ expatriate tax scan now via or download it here.

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