Interdisciplinary Services

Collection of Receivables

Of course, we assist our clients to collect receivables starting with out-of-court reminder proceedings up to receiving a court decision and ending with compulsory enforcement.


In view of the dynamic changes of companies and their business environment, it is necessary to continuously review whether the structure once chosen still meets the present and future requirements, especially, this is true when the structure of shareholders or partners is in a changing situation, e.g. in preparation for an IPO, an inheritance dispute or the restructuring of business units. Since German taxation rules vary according to legal form, our first task consists of determining which structure fits best, enabling our clients to achieve their individual goals. We check the planned structural changes with regard to their implications concerning commercial, labor and fiscal law and present alternatives for restructuring. Following up the decision process, we assist our clients throughout all rollout phases.


During the extremely critical start-up phase, we assist our clients as midwives to establish the right course for the future.

In addition to selecting the best fitting legal form, we offer our clients constructive and analytical support in defining and implementing their companies' goals. Building up a client-specific management information right from the start puts us in a position to constantly monitor the enterprise's current development - from the very first financing and profitability forecast - in order to provide the company founders with a reliable, up-to-date basis for making decisions.

Health care co-operations

Human doctors as well as dentist are always facing new situations by the reforms in the German health care system, which can only be sufficiently solved on the basis of professional co-operations. We are comprehensively advising doctors regarding the legal form of a professional co-operation, professional as well as organizational law aspects, tax and economic questions.

Leases and Real Estate Investments

We design and revise concepts and contracts relating to lease models and real estate investments for compliance with valid tax rules and regulations of the Ministry of Finance in order to ensure an tax-optimized structure. Along with domestic agreements, we also assess "cross-border" models in cooperation with foreign partners.

Business Succession and Interitage Planning

Due to conflicts arising from business requirements on the one hand and personal and family interests on the other hand, legal and fiscal succession planning is an extremely sensitive consulting domain. Only by analysis and planning at an early stage, we can develop and implement customized concepts in close cooperation with our clients

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

A major focus of our consulting services lies in our support for company acquisitions. Thanks to our integrated consulting approach, we can offer comprehensive advice in the field of acquisitions and transactions, ranging from preparatory structuring work and due diligence audits to the conception and negotiation of asset or share transaction contracts.