Real Estate

Services for the real estate and construction industry

The real estate and construction industry faces increasingly complex challenges at both a national and an international level. Dynamic market processes and constant changes to the legal framework require all market participants to react quickly.

Real Estate and construction industry

Our team of real estate experts is familiar with the specific features of fiscal and company law that need to be considered when advising on real estate matters. We advise our clients on complex financing issues and real estate transactions, particularly in relation to optimisation potential for real estate transfer tax and VAT, and conduct annual and special audits efficiently by applying our specific knowledge of the industry. Our interdisciplinary approach to giving advice guarantees that alternative structures are investigated thoroughly in light of various aspects, optimised and implemented. We provide regular information on the latest changes to commercial and tax law, so that you are able to make an informed decision.

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Please contact:

Ralf Kuhlmann

 Dipl.-Kfm. LL.M Ralf Kuhlmann

Steuerberater (Certified Tax Advisor)
 +49 211 17257-31

Jochen Wiethaus

 Jochen Wiethaus

Rechtsanwalt (German Lawyer)
 +49 211 17257-67

Manuel Volberg

 Master of Science (M.Sc.)  Manuel Volberg

Steuerberater (Certified Tax Advisor)
 +49 211 17257-0

Sarah Sander

 Master of Arts (M.A.) Sarah Sander

 +49 211 17257-22

Ralf Sindelar

 Ralf Sindelar

Wirtschaftsprüfer (German Public Auditor), Steuerberater (Certified Tax Advisor)
 +49 211 17257-47